Northern lights tour, winter

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The Northern lights tour season lasts from early September until mid-April

Duration: 3-4 hours
Group size: 2-6 participants
Start point: Your accommodation (make sure you email us after booking)

The Northern lights are a nature phenomenom which cannot be guaranteed. We will do everything possible within reason to find clear skies and auroras for you.

You can read more about the tour in the description below.


During this 3-4 hour tour, we will bring you into nature in the search for the aurora borealis. Around Oulu, the Northern lights can be seen quite often and in winter we have wonderful snow sceneries.

Usually, we will start at 20:30 hrs (8.30pm), in late March and April we start about one hour later. We will head out and drive about 30-40 mins to a beautiful location. Depending on the weather, we might have to drive a lot more in order to have a chance to find clear skies.

There is no fixed pickup location; we collect the participants from their accomodations around the city center of Oulu. Therefore it is very important you are in contact with us latest in the afternoon before the tour (email us after booking).

Northern lights in winter
Photo: Thomas Kast

Your guide is a professional photographer, specializing in landscapes and Northern lights. From him you will get background information about the Northern lights. Once we are at our location, he will share tips & tricks and help you setting up your own camera for aurora photos. You will also have the chance to look over the shoulder at your guide’s camera and get first-hand insights.

It is important to wear proper clothing to keep you warm. Please check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Our van has a parking heater which warms up the interior space. If you feel cold, you can warm up in the van anytime.

Usually we head back to Oulu around midnight. If there is a great aurora show, we can stay longer. Let’s enjoy the dance of the lights and shoot some fantastic photos together.

Aurora borealis in winter
Photo: Thomas Kast

Included in this tour:
– 3-4 hours chasing the aurora
– Introduction into aurora borealis
– Step-by-step support for you to photograph the auroras with your camera (if technically possible)
– A hot drink and snacks

Not included in this tour:
– photo gear
– warm clothing
travel insurance or any other private insurance

The Northern lights are a nature phenomenom which highly depends on the cloud situation and sun activity. As always and everywhere, the weather is an unknown. Therefore there can be no guarantee for finding clear skies or seeing the Northern lights.

We can be in contact with you about the weather situation about one hour before the tour starts (email us after booking). If we inform you that the weather situation looks impossible to find clear skies, you will have following options:
– we head out anyway and teach you how to use your camera at night
– you can postpone your participation by one (1) day, IF on that night a tour AND seats are available. Naturally, both can not be guaranteed.
– you cancel your participation and receive 50% refund

Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding the tour, clothing or your camera equipment. Not all cameras are suited for aurora photography.


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