Oulu – The place to visit

Oulu is an ideal place to visit for families and backpackers who wish to experience authentic Finnish lifestyle away from crowds and major tourist resorts.

The place for nature lovers

Oulu is the place for nature lovers: it is located next to the world-famous Liminganlahti bird-watching area, amidst unspoiled pine forests for hiking and berry-picking, marshlands, three major rivers and the sea. Experience northern lights in the autumn and winter, bright summer nights when the sun never sets – or skiing, walking and fishing on our frozen lakes and sea in the winter.

Easy to reach

Oulu is easy to reach by car or a train and there are several flights from Helsinki every day. The city offers something to everyone: it is big enough to have a wide range of shopping centres and boutiques, arts and culture, and yet our unspoiled nature is just a stone’s throw away.

Let yourself fall in love with Oulu and its people! (And if you want to pay the Santa a call – Rovaniemi is just two hours away by car or train.)


Public transport

Public transport




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